Thursday, October 5, 2006

NSV -- Size 18!

This morning I took out a pair of black trousers to wear to work. It wasn't until I got there that I realized that the waist is really big on me now (the pants are a size 26). I am wearing a binder clip in the back to hold them together, LOL.

I realized that there is no way I can buy tons of new fall/winter stuff, so I walked up to the local Goodwill center to find some slacks and a brown jacket. I found a brown jacket that would go well with a skirt I picked up elsewhere, and I found a pair of size 18 straight brown microfiber-type pants. I figured if they didn't fit now, they eventually would.

After lunch, I shut my office door and tried everything on. No need to grow into the pants -- they fit now! I haven't worn a size 18 since my freshman year of college, some 16 years ago!

The best part is that the pants were only half price -- so I got a blazer, a pair of pants (that are close enough in color I could wear them as a suit) and a book (I'm always buying books) for $18.50! Go me!

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