Saturday, January 5, 2008

An NSV of Sorts

I had already decided to get serious about taking the weight off a few summers ago after a demoralizing event at work. My very last "last straw" moment was at a family cookout Labor Day weekend the same year. Long story short, I had a relative tell me to my face that I needed to go on a diet (I didn't think my husband heard what she said, but he did) ... mind you, her post-op GBS son was strutting all over the place!

I haven't seen or spoken to her anymore -- I am still so angry that if I saw her in the street I would probably not address her. But another relative (other side of the family) who sees this person often (they attend the same church) called me on New Year's Day and mentioned that the other person has seen me in my rounds around my work area and it was obvious that I had lost weight. I guess (I hope, LOL) relative #2 filled her in that I did it without surgery (and actually, without a diet either, LOL!).

Is this an NSV or what? At least she acknowledged the loss!

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