Thursday, August 24, 2006

Century Club Makeover Opportunity

I am nine pounds away from losing 100 lbs (from my highest weight - pre-WW). I was planning to have glamour shots taken as a reward, but the nearest Glamour Shots-type location is a few counties away.

I got an email this morning -- a plus-size shop in Long Island, NY (I live in NJ) is offering a mini-makeover (makeup, clothes and pics) for $100. They are offering this the weekend of Sept. 15.

I told my husband that I would find $100 to do this if I can lose those last 9 lbs. Now I'm debating whether to go ahead and make the appointment because it seems like an awesome opportunity, OR ... wait until it's official to take the photos somewhere else (by the time I'm able to afford something comparable I'll probably have lost more).

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Knee-High Boots -- NSV

In 2000 I bought a pair of knee-high leather boots. Back then, I did not come close to zipping them up over my ginormous calves (which I happen to love, BTW). Out of curiosity, I pulled them out of the closet Thursday night and got one of them up. Oh, well -- only took six years!