Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Kid Is Almost in a 6!

I went to the local mall today looking for a fall/winter jacket. I started in Mariannes and saw a black/white skirt for $5. Of course, there was no 8 on the rack, so it was either the 6 or 10. The 6 was a little snug (no stretch), but I was able to zip it up!

At Burlington I found two pairs of jeans in a 6. I was able to zip and button both pairs, but I didn't buy them -- one was actually cropped and I'm not that tall, and the other left me with serious muffin top, LOL.

I got a gorgeous anorak type coat in a medium and a pretty leather jacket, each of which was less than $50.

Saturday night I ordered a navy skirt in size 6 on Chadwick's web site. With these kinds of victories, I'm sure it will fit when it arrives ... or sometime soon!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Follow Up: Size S Skirt

A few weeks ago I posted about not being able to find a brown skirt at Wal-Mart. By the time I had the money the skirt was only available in XL -- a shame because it was a great price. But I found another skirt at the Target web site, and I ordered a small on faith.

It arrived yesterday and feels and looks great!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

NSV (Size Small)

Due to a family reunion, I could not WI last Sunday. I was hoping I would have lost something and then either maintain or have a small loss today. For some reason, my cycles have changed so that I have a gain about 10 days before TofM.

The verdict? Up 0.8. This is a smaller gain than I usually have, so I guess that's progress.

I went to a jazz concert last night and on the way out I saw a vendor selling Greek paraphernalia. We asked if she had any shirts for my org and she said she only had the royal blue shirts in L and the white shirts in S. No medium, which is what I wear.So I took a leap of faith and bought the small. It was snug but presentable.

Today is usually my day off from exercise, but I have to work OT Thursday night, so I went to Curves after WI.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

No More Safety Net!

On Sunday night I dragged all my oversize clothes into my living room and sorted them by size. I then bagged them and made postings on my local Freecycle. I got responses right away and as of now only my 12-16 pants are still in the house. If nobody inquires about them by tomorrow, I will offer them to a burnout victim on Craigslist.

I guess mentally I have made the commitment that this is how it's going to be. If I start gaining weight back, I have no big clothes to fall back on and will have to replace everything again.

Here's to walking the tightrope without a net!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Family Reunion Recap

Well, the reunion that I was dreading was yesterday (Sept. 1). All in all, I think it was a success.
  1. My father -- who hadn't seen me since July of last year -- was absolutely floored with my progress. I had downplayed what I was doing in my phone conversations with him. The compliments flowed freely -- he called me "slim and trim," something that never came out of his mouth to describe me; he told me I had done him proud, and that my mother would be amazed to see me now (she died in 1995). Several other relatives also noticed that I had lost as well, and no one asked that dreaded question!
  2. One of my distant cousins barked at my father for not introducing the two of us. He went on and on about how if he had seen me on the street how he would have tried to talk to me, not knowing we were related.
  3. When I called my aunt to tell her we were coming (it wasn't much of a surprise to my dad after all ) I specifically requested a medium T-shirt. I got there and ended up with a 2X. I floated in it, of course. The arms come down to my elbows, LOL!
  4. Best of all, I remained on program the entire weekend. Yes, I had Wendy's on the way down, and yes, I had a nice plate at the reunion, but I made sure to track everything. I even brought my portable DVD player and had a Turbo Jam workout before getting dressed for the reunion.

A big shout-out to everyone on the OH Non-Ops board for giving me the nudge to make this 1,500-mile round trip!