Monday, December 31, 2007

The Tale of the Tape, December 2007

New stats (then refers to June 2003 when I joined).
BUST - Then: 64"; Now: 37"
WAIST - Then: 55.5"; Now: 35.5"
ABDOMEN - Then: 58.25"; Now: 37.5"
HIPS - Then: 51.25; Now: 39"
THIGHS - Then: 33.75"; Now: 20"
ARMS - Then: 18.5"; Now: 11"
BODY FAT - Then: 48.6%; Now: 26.3%
Total Inches Lost: 124
Total Pounds Lost: 152
Body Fat Pounds Lost: 109.11

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Today's WI -- 150 Lb. Star Is Finally Mine!

As of Oct. 21 -- four weeks ago -- I was at 149.8 lbs lost with WW. The following week I maintained (but could still wear a size 4 skirt). The week after I gained 3.8 lbs (gotta love TOM)!

A couple days after weighing in we left for vacation. I wasn't perfect while we were there, but I planned for a couple glasses of wine, walked the treadmill for an hour every day, scaled the rocks at Dunns River Falls, and the last day it was raining too hard to walk to the gym at our resort, so we walked the stairs for an hour instead. When we got home I had lost 0.6. So after WI on Tuesday I knew I had a few days to go down 3.4 lbs. While in Jamaica I got frustrated with counting points, especially being down to 21, so I switched to WW's Core Plan.

Today I was down 4.2 and have lost 150.8 lbs since starting the Program (a total of 163 lbs)! It was a very happy day, and I think I'm going to stick to Core for a while!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Size 4 Skirt!

I maintained today (still 0.2 shy of 150 lost at WW) but a quick trip to Wal-Mart cheered me right up. I found a marked-down brown skirt, tried it on, and it fit. It was a size 4!!

I made the mistake of walking away from my cart one too many times and after retracing my steps ... I had to consider the fact that someone had swooped on it. Thank God an associate there recognized the items that another employee was handling (was about to reshelve them) and she helped me find everything. I just submitted an online letter at the Wal-Mart web site -- I just knew another customer had taken that skirt, and there were only size 12s left!

Friday, October 26, 2007

The Tale of the Tape, October 2007

New stats (then refers to June 2003 when I joined).
BUST - Then: 64"; Now: 38"
WAIST - Then: 55.5"; Now: 35.5"
ABDOMEN - Then: 58.25"; Now: 38"
HIPS - Then: 51.25; Now: 40"
THIGHS - Then: 33.75"; Now: 20.75"
ARMS - Then: 18.5"; Now: 12.5"
BODY FAT - Then: 48.6%; Now: 26.5%
Total Inches Lost: 117
Total Pounds Lost: 149
Body Fat Pounds Lost: 108

I was so disgusted by my September numbers that I didn't bother posting them. I didn't realize that as of last month, I am officially a "pear" -- my hips are bigger than my bust or my waist, LOL!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Today's WI -- Now Less Than Half My Original Size!

I went into today's WI prepared to hit three weight-related milestones. Well, two out of three ain't bad ...
  1. With a 2.8 lb loss, I have relinquished my seat in the 160s. I was 10 or 11 (now 34) the last time I was at this weight.
  2. I have now lost more weight (162 lbs total) than I currently weigh. This is the one I am most tickled by -- I have officially lost "half my size!"
  3. I missed the third milestone (150 lbs lost with WW) by 0.2, but I'm OK with that. I know that it will happen in November, if not next week!

I also officially committed with WW to a goal weight of 150 lbs. It is the maximum for my height -- I can always go lower. 8 lbs to go!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Me? Size 6 Jeans!?

Over the weekend I went to Old Navy and combed the clearance racks. I found a wool skirt (long) and a pair of jeans in size 6. They both fit!

The best part? When I checked out I spent $11!

A few months ago I was in Goodwill and found a pair of J. Crew jeans in a size 6. I knew then that they would not fit and I was at peace with that ... I tried them on tonight and was able to button and zip them! I cannot believe it ... as a youth I was never smaller than a size 12!

Well, that's the bottom ... I can't see that happening on top, LOL!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Kid Is Almost in a 6!

I went to the local mall today looking for a fall/winter jacket. I started in Mariannes and saw a black/white skirt for $5. Of course, there was no 8 on the rack, so it was either the 6 or 10. The 6 was a little snug (no stretch), but I was able to zip it up!

At Burlington I found two pairs of jeans in a 6. I was able to zip and button both pairs, but I didn't buy them -- one was actually cropped and I'm not that tall, and the other left me with serious muffin top, LOL.

I got a gorgeous anorak type coat in a medium and a pretty leather jacket, each of which was less than $50.

Saturday night I ordered a navy skirt in size 6 on Chadwick's web site. With these kinds of victories, I'm sure it will fit when it arrives ... or sometime soon!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Follow Up: Size S Skirt

A few weeks ago I posted about not being able to find a brown skirt at Wal-Mart. By the time I had the money the skirt was only available in XL -- a shame because it was a great price. But I found another skirt at the Target web site, and I ordered a small on faith.

It arrived yesterday and feels and looks great!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

NSV (Size Small)

Due to a family reunion, I could not WI last Sunday. I was hoping I would have lost something and then either maintain or have a small loss today. For some reason, my cycles have changed so that I have a gain about 10 days before TofM.

The verdict? Up 0.8. This is a smaller gain than I usually have, so I guess that's progress.

I went to a jazz concert last night and on the way out I saw a vendor selling Greek paraphernalia. We asked if she had any shirts for my org and she said she only had the royal blue shirts in L and the white shirts in S. No medium, which is what I wear.So I took a leap of faith and bought the small. It was snug but presentable.

Today is usually my day off from exercise, but I have to work OT Thursday night, so I went to Curves after WI.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

No More Safety Net!

On Sunday night I dragged all my oversize clothes into my living room and sorted them by size. I then bagged them and made postings on my local Freecycle. I got responses right away and as of now only my 12-16 pants are still in the house. If nobody inquires about them by tomorrow, I will offer them to a burnout victim on Craigslist.

I guess mentally I have made the commitment that this is how it's going to be. If I start gaining weight back, I have no big clothes to fall back on and will have to replace everything again.

Here's to walking the tightrope without a net!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Family Reunion Recap

Well, the reunion that I was dreading was yesterday (Sept. 1). All in all, I think it was a success.
  1. My father -- who hadn't seen me since July of last year -- was absolutely floored with my progress. I had downplayed what I was doing in my phone conversations with him. The compliments flowed freely -- he called me "slim and trim," something that never came out of his mouth to describe me; he told me I had done him proud, and that my mother would be amazed to see me now (she died in 1995). Several other relatives also noticed that I had lost as well, and no one asked that dreaded question!
  2. One of my distant cousins barked at my father for not introducing the two of us. He went on and on about how if he had seen me on the street how he would have tried to talk to me, not knowing we were related.
  3. When I called my aunt to tell her we were coming (it wasn't much of a surprise to my dad after all ) I specifically requested a medium T-shirt. I got there and ended up with a 2X. I floated in it, of course. The arms come down to my elbows, LOL!
  4. Best of all, I remained on program the entire weekend. Yes, I had Wendy's on the way down, and yes, I had a nice plate at the reunion, but I made sure to track everything. I even brought my portable DVD player and had a Turbo Jam workout before getting dressed for the reunion.

A big shout-out to everyone on the OH Non-Ops board for giving me the nudge to make this 1,500-mile round trip!

Monday, August 27, 2007

The Tale of the Tape, August 2007

New stats (then refers to June 2003 when I joined).
BUST - Then: 64"; Now: 39"
WAIST - Then: 55.5"; Now: 36.75"
ABDOMEN - Then: 58.25"; Now: 39"
HIPS - Then: 51.25; Now: 40"
THIGHS - Then: 33.75"; Now: 21.5"
ARMS - Then: 18.5"; Now: 12.5"
BODY FAT - Then: 48.6%; Now: 28.7%
Total Inches Lost: 112.25
Total Pounds Lost: 143
Body Fat Pounds Lost: 102.73

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Back to Sixth Grade Weight!

I had a few challenges this week, including TofM and a birthday party last night with soul food catering. At WI this morning, I was surprised to be down 1.6 lbs today. I was hoping for a little more, but I'll take it because today's WI puts me at my sixth grade weight from 23 years ago (165). Suddenly goal does not seem so far out of reach!

And now, for the NSV! I went to Wal-Mart after WI looking for a skirt I saw on their web site. They didn't have it, but I saw another in the store. There were no 8's on the rack, so I took a size 6 in the dressing room and to my utter surprise, it fit (probably the elastic waist, LOL)! I was stoked, but I decided I didn't like the style after all, so I didn't buy it.

When I left Wal-Mart, I went to a blood drive. Apparently I forgot to take off my nametag and the phlebotomist asked me how much I had lost. When I told her I needed to lose another 15 to make goal, she said I was already skinny, LOL!

When I got home, the skirt on the Wal-Mart site was only available in XL -- a shame because it was a great price. But that gave me the courage to go home and order another skirt in the color I wanted in a small!

I won't get it for a few weeks so I'll let post when it arrives.

Friday, July 27, 2007

The Tale of the Tape, July 2007

New stats (then refers to June 2003 when I joined).
BUST - Then: 64"; Now: 39"
WAIST - Then: 55.5"; Now: 35.5"
ABDOMEN - Then: 58.25"; Now: 36.5"
HIPS - Then: 51.25; Now: 38"
THIGHS - Then: 33.75"; Now: 22"
ARMS - Then: 18.5"; Now: 10.5"
BODY FAT - Then: 48.6%; Now: 29.1%
Total Inches Lost: 121
Total Pounds Lost: 141
Body Fat Pounds Lost: 101.48

Sunday, July 1, 2007

150 Pounds Down (Unofficially)

Today I was down 3.8 lbs at WI. I needed another 0.6 to be 150 lbs down (officially) from my highest weight. I came home and weighed myself on the WW scale and was another 1.2 lbs down (169.4)!

So rather than grousing about the other 0.6 that I "need," I am claiming the victory now and will be planning my day trip, probably for early August.

I never imagined three years ago when I began my journey that I would be where I am now. I have stretched myself (in body and mind) in ways I would have found inconceivable before.

In the meantime, I am creating my final goal poster (yep, the LV). Onward and downward!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Tale of the Tape, June 2007

New stats (then refers to June 2003 when I joined).
BUST - Then: 64"; Now: 42"
WAIST - Then: 55.5"; Now: 36.5"
ABDOMEN - Then: 58.25"; Now: 37"
HIPS - Then: 51.25; Now: 39"
THIGHS - Then: 33.75"; Now: 23"
ARMS - Then: 18.5"; Now: 12"
BODY FAT - Then: 48.6%; Now: 29%
Total Inches Lost: 110.5
Total Pounds Lost: 137
Body Fat Pounds Lost: 100.49

Sunday, June 17, 2007


One of the items on my shopping list this week was a pair of black sandals. I never found one, and now I know why: It turns out I already had a pair that I had long stopped wearing because my feet got too wide. Even with the strap all the way out to the last hole, they were just too tight. Yesterday I consciously saw them, apparently for the first time in years ... I adjusted the strap all the way in and they fit like new!

Nothing like shopping in your own closet!

Also, this morning a local church came to pick up some of my old clothes for a clothing drive. They got practically everything I wore last summer ... from size 26/28 dresses I was able to wear several years ago to 18/20s I bought just last year. It saddened me to see hundreds of dollars walking out the door, but hey, I'll never need them again, right?

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Shopping NSV!

Remember a few months ago (February) when I described my maiden voyage at New York & Company?

I saw an outfit I loved but didn't feel comfortable spending over $100 on all
three pieces.

Well, yesterday I was there and I saw the skirt. I tried it on and bought it.

In a size 8.

For $5.99.

I bought several pants, skirts and a pair of capris in a size 8, two size 10/M dresses and size 7 undies! I'm amazed!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Today's WI

Three weeks ago (5/20) I lost 3.8 lbs and cracked my seventh grade weight. Then two weeks ago (5/27) I gained 4 lbs due to TOM, not enough water, and deciding to have all of my weekly allowance. Last week I took off 3.8, which was nice but I wasn't completely satisfied.

Today I lost another 1.2, which puts me on track to make my 150 overall milestone very soon -- hopefully this month, helped me earn my 135-lb WW star today, and only makes me five pounds heavier than, uh ... someone who caught up with me about 1.5 years ago.

I am off all week and plan to step up my activity in a big way.

Friday, May 25, 2007

The Tale of the Tape, May 2007

New stats (then refers to June 2003 when I joined).
BUST - Then: 64"; Now: 42"
WAIST - Then: 55.5"; Now: 38.75"
ABDOMEN - Then: 58.25"; Now: 39.5"
HIPS - Then: 51.25; Now: 40.5"
THIGHS - Then: 33.75"; Now: 23"
ARMS - Then: 18.5"; Now: 12.5"
BODY FAT - Then: 48.6%; Now: 32%
Total Inches Lost: 102.75
Total Pounds Lost: 130.43
Body Fat Pounds Lost: 91.89

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Below Seventh Grade Weight

I felt pretty good after hitting the Wal-Mart yesterday for new exercise clothes, but I wasn't prepared to be down another 3.8 lbs. today! This made me feel a lot better about maintaining last week.

When I got my booklet back, I saw that I have now gone below my seventh grade physical weight of 175 (this was in 1985, BTW). I am absolutely floored!

Today I went into Old Navy to look at the sale items. I tried on two pairs of size 10 jeans -- they fit OK but one was long and the other short, and that's how they fit. I decided to try on a pair of size 8 for fun, and they fit too! They're stretch, but so what? I have never worn a size 8 before!!!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Me -- a Medium?

While waiting for my credit union to open, I shot over to Wal-Mart looking for some replacement workout gear. I saw a pair of 8/10 exercise pants for $3. I figured, "I'll have them when I need them and they'll fit eventually."

I decided to try them on and THEY FIT. I couldn't believe it! I ended up getting another pair of workout pants (8/10, also $3), a tank sweater (8/10) for $4 and a tank workout top (12/14) for $3 (the tag said $7.50, so I was surprised when it rang up for less).

At the end of March, I was in Wal-Mart and I passed a clearance rack with a very cute black lacy skirt for $6.00. The only sizes left were 4, 6, 10 and 18. Since an 18 would have been a step in the wrong direction, I took a 10 into the dressing room. I was able to zip up the zipper but wasn't ready to wear it yet. I bought it anyhow, LOL.

When I got home today, I tried on the skirt ... it is now a perfect fit!

Friday, May 4, 2007

NSV -- Ring Size

Every year a ring vendor comes to my job to take orders. When we had a break in the action I came up to the table and had the rep size me. My ring finger is a size ... drumroll please ...


To put this in perspective, last year I was a size 9.5, and my wedding ring from 3.5 years ago is a size 12!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

No Longer Obese!

Today I needed only 0.4 to break 180, and I lost 1.4! Yay!

With today's loss I have also finally fallen out of the ranks of the obese, as my BMI is no longer in the 30s -- I am now clinically overweight! I think I am more excited about this than I was about breaking 200 in December!

Yesterday I bought my first pair of size 12 jeans in over 20 years. (Yes, they're stretch, but so what? It's quite a massage to the ego.)

Monday, March 26, 2007

The Tale of the Tape, March 2007

Today was measurement day at Curves ... here are my new stats (then refers to June 2003 when I joined).

BUST - Then: 64"; Now: 43"
WAIST - Then: 55.5"; Now: 39" (under 40 inches at last! Yippee!)
ABDOMEN - Then: 58.25"; Now: 40"
HIPS - Then: 51.25; Now: 41.5"
THIGHS - Then: 33.75"; Now: 23" (no change from last month)
ARMS - Then: 18.5"; Now: 12.5"
BODY FAT - Then: 48.6%; Now: 33.6% (hey, it was 33.4% in February -- what's up?)
Total Inches Lost: 100.50
Total Pounds Lost: 124.75
Body Fat Pounds Lost: 88.42

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Today's WI

I just got back from a business conference and I think I made great choices!

First, I made sure to book a local hotel with a fridge and microwave in the room. I was able to pack a SmartOnes (rigatoni w/ chicken and broccoli -- my favorite!) with part of a fruit tray I found on sale, and several bottles of water. This kept me and my roommate from doing a Denny's run at 11 p.m.

Next, the motel also provided "continental breakfast." They were setting up the freebies just as my roommate and I were leaving, so I grabbed a two-pack of banana nut muffins. When we got to the lecture, I checked the label and saw that there were too many calories to eat both (5 WW points for each)! Needless to say, to avoid tempting myself, I threw one muffin out before eating the other one.

For lunch I ate a bagel with half a pack of cream cheese and a 100 cal Chips Ahoy. When I got home I had some of the fruit tray in which I had packed in another container (enjoyed the rest today after WI) and a small 1 pt yogurt.

Finally, on my birthday (3/4) I was in The Avenue and bought a pair of shoes in my size (12W) without trying them on. I decided to bring them to this conference -- not only did my feet float in them, but when I sat down I was able to stick my index finger down the back of the shoe with my foot in it! It dawned on me that the weight loss has finally hit my feet -- I'm not a wide width anymore! (Heck, I may not even be a 12 anymore! And I've worn a 12 since I WAS 12!)

Two weeks ago I gained 0.2 (which I was prepared for), and last week I maintained (after a marathon week of exercise, and I never maintain!). I was thoroughly disgusted -- it poisoned my entire day.

Well, this week I stayed the course and went down 3 lbs. I received my 125-lb star today at WW and my leader gave me a 25-lb magnet to supplement the 100 magnet on my fridge.The receptionist even said I looked thin before I got on the scale.

I say this to anyone who might be struggling out there: don't quit, no matter what! If you have an off day, pull yourself together ASAP!

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Birthday WI & Eighth Grade Weight

With TOM on the horizon, I was absolutely prepared for a gain today. But I lost 0.8! Yay!

I was especially surprised since I ate Popeyes for lunch yesterday in a moment of despair (11 points) and had a couple pieces of sesame chicken at the club I went to last night. (But then I went and danced some of it off, LOL.)

Today's WI puts me at my eighth grade weight -- more or less -- of 185 (I graduated in 1986). My next goal is to be overweight and not obese, and I need to lose 6 more pounds to do that -- hopefully it will happen by the end of March!

I am having a special lunch or dinner today and tomorrow I am taking a mental health day -- I am debating whether to see Zodiac, Black Snake Moan or Pan's Labyrinth.

Monday, February 26, 2007

The Tale of The Tape (February)

I had my latest measurements taken at Curves today ... here are my new stats (then is when I first joined in 2003).

BUST - Then: 64"; Now: 43.5"
WAIST - Then: 55.5"; Now: 40.5"
ABDOMEN - Then: 58.25"; Now: 42"
HIPS - Then: 51.25; Now: 42.75"
THIGHS - Then: 33.75"; Now: 23"
ARMS - Then: 18.5"; Now: 13"
BODY FAT - Then: 48.6%; Now: 33.4%
Total Inches Lost: 94.25
Total Pounds Lost: 122.25
Body Fat Pounds Lost: 87.95

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Major Shopping NSV!

I went shopping today and bought regular sizes for the first time in almost 20 years! (I will be 34 next week.) Here is a recap of my day:

  • Macy*s -- I found a pair of discounted Ralph Lauren slacks in a size 16 and they were too big! I tried on a skirt in a 14 -- it fit but I didn't love it, so I didn't buy it.
  • Old Navy -- I looked at a pair of 16 slacks -- too big!
  • The Gap -- I tried on two 14s and a 16. The 14 capris were tight, the 16 jeans were OK, and the 14 jeans were snug but I was able to button and zip them. Although I have a million pairs of jeans, I bought the last pair with two T-shirts -- hey, they're my first Gap jeans!
  • Browsed through NY&Co, Victoria's Secret and Lane Bryant -- oops!
  • Back to Macy's -- I found a top and tried on some Liz Claiborne slacks. I took 16s and 14s into the dressing room, but the 14s won hands down. I ended up just getting the shirt when I found out the pants were not on sale.
  • Back to Old Navy -- I saw a few pairs of 14 slacks in the color I wanted, but I just didn't love them. Instead, I found a size 12 that I was able to put on but I would like to lose a little more before wearing in public. Grabbed a sports bra and checked out.
  • Back to New York & Company -- I ended up buying two pairs of exercise pants in Large, a pair of black slacks in size 14, and a silver chain belt that I had seen on the web site but couldn't find the first time. I saw an outfit I loved but didn't feel comfortable spending over $100 on all three pieces.
  • Steve & Barry -- just wanted T-shirts. Grabbed three 1Xs and was out of there! (My old 2Xs are big now.)

In all, I spent a little less than I thought I would. I concentrated mostly on bottoms, but that's okay -- eventually the top will catch up but in the meantime I don't mind the discrepancy. A lot of my bottoms now are size 18 and I seem to have skipped the 16s completely!

If doing what I'm doing right now is going to bring me these kinds of wonderful surprises everytime I shop, I don't ever intend to quit!

Sunday, January 7, 2007

125 Pounds Down!

Today I lost 2.8 at WI, qualifying me for my diamond earrings. After some investigation, I decided to stick to my original plan and get half-carat studs and a cute shoe pendant as well.