Monday, February 26, 2007

The Tale of The Tape (February)

I had my latest measurements taken at Curves today ... here are my new stats (then is when I first joined in 2003).

BUST - Then: 64"; Now: 43.5"
WAIST - Then: 55.5"; Now: 40.5"
ABDOMEN - Then: 58.25"; Now: 42"
HIPS - Then: 51.25; Now: 42.75"
THIGHS - Then: 33.75"; Now: 23"
ARMS - Then: 18.5"; Now: 13"
BODY FAT - Then: 48.6%; Now: 33.4%
Total Inches Lost: 94.25
Total Pounds Lost: 122.25
Body Fat Pounds Lost: 87.95

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Major Shopping NSV!

I went shopping today and bought regular sizes for the first time in almost 20 years! (I will be 34 next week.) Here is a recap of my day:

  • Macy*s -- I found a pair of discounted Ralph Lauren slacks in a size 16 and they were too big! I tried on a skirt in a 14 -- it fit but I didn't love it, so I didn't buy it.
  • Old Navy -- I looked at a pair of 16 slacks -- too big!
  • The Gap -- I tried on two 14s and a 16. The 14 capris were tight, the 16 jeans were OK, and the 14 jeans were snug but I was able to button and zip them. Although I have a million pairs of jeans, I bought the last pair with two T-shirts -- hey, they're my first Gap jeans!
  • Browsed through NY&Co, Victoria's Secret and Lane Bryant -- oops!
  • Back to Macy's -- I found a top and tried on some Liz Claiborne slacks. I took 16s and 14s into the dressing room, but the 14s won hands down. I ended up just getting the shirt when I found out the pants were not on sale.
  • Back to Old Navy -- I saw a few pairs of 14 slacks in the color I wanted, but I just didn't love them. Instead, I found a size 12 that I was able to put on but I would like to lose a little more before wearing in public. Grabbed a sports bra and checked out.
  • Back to New York & Company -- I ended up buying two pairs of exercise pants in Large, a pair of black slacks in size 14, and a silver chain belt that I had seen on the web site but couldn't find the first time. I saw an outfit I loved but didn't feel comfortable spending over $100 on all three pieces.
  • Steve & Barry -- just wanted T-shirts. Grabbed three 1Xs and was out of there! (My old 2Xs are big now.)

In all, I spent a little less than I thought I would. I concentrated mostly on bottoms, but that's okay -- eventually the top will catch up but in the meantime I don't mind the discrepancy. A lot of my bottoms now are size 18 and I seem to have skipped the 16s completely!

If doing what I'm doing right now is going to bring me these kinds of wonderful surprises everytime I shop, I don't ever intend to quit!