Monday, August 27, 2007

The Tale of the Tape, August 2007

New stats (then refers to June 2003 when I joined).
BUST - Then: 64"; Now: 39"
WAIST - Then: 55.5"; Now: 36.75"
ABDOMEN - Then: 58.25"; Now: 39"
HIPS - Then: 51.25; Now: 40"
THIGHS - Then: 33.75"; Now: 21.5"
ARMS - Then: 18.5"; Now: 12.5"
BODY FAT - Then: 48.6%; Now: 28.7%
Total Inches Lost: 112.25
Total Pounds Lost: 143
Body Fat Pounds Lost: 102.73

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Back to Sixth Grade Weight!

I had a few challenges this week, including TofM and a birthday party last night with soul food catering. At WI this morning, I was surprised to be down 1.6 lbs today. I was hoping for a little more, but I'll take it because today's WI puts me at my sixth grade weight from 23 years ago (165). Suddenly goal does not seem so far out of reach!

And now, for the NSV! I went to Wal-Mart after WI looking for a skirt I saw on their web site. They didn't have it, but I saw another in the store. There were no 8's on the rack, so I took a size 6 in the dressing room and to my utter surprise, it fit (probably the elastic waist, LOL)! I was stoked, but I decided I didn't like the style after all, so I didn't buy it.

When I left Wal-Mart, I went to a blood drive. Apparently I forgot to take off my nametag and the phlebotomist asked me how much I had lost. When I told her I needed to lose another 15 to make goal, she said I was already skinny, LOL!

When I got home, the skirt on the Wal-Mart site was only available in XL -- a shame because it was a great price. But that gave me the courage to go home and order another skirt in the color I wanted in a small!

I won't get it for a few weeks so I'll let post when it arrives.