Friday, July 27, 2007

The Tale of the Tape, July 2007

New stats (then refers to June 2003 when I joined).
BUST - Then: 64"; Now: 39"
WAIST - Then: 55.5"; Now: 35.5"
ABDOMEN - Then: 58.25"; Now: 36.5"
HIPS - Then: 51.25; Now: 38"
THIGHS - Then: 33.75"; Now: 22"
ARMS - Then: 18.5"; Now: 10.5"
BODY FAT - Then: 48.6%; Now: 29.1%
Total Inches Lost: 121
Total Pounds Lost: 141
Body Fat Pounds Lost: 101.48

Sunday, July 1, 2007

150 Pounds Down (Unofficially)

Today I was down 3.8 lbs at WI. I needed another 0.6 to be 150 lbs down (officially) from my highest weight. I came home and weighed myself on the WW scale and was another 1.2 lbs down (169.4)!

So rather than grousing about the other 0.6 that I "need," I am claiming the victory now and will be planning my day trip, probably for early August.

I never imagined three years ago when I began my journey that I would be where I am now. I have stretched myself (in body and mind) in ways I would have found inconceivable before.

In the meantime, I am creating my final goal poster (yep, the LV). Onward and downward!